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Property Assessment

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Property Assessment

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We once again saw a decrease in the assessed value for properties in West Deerfield Township in 2012. Will the decrease in assessments translate to a decrease in taxes? The answer is most likely no. As more and more taxpayers come to understand the role of the assessed value in the property tax process, they begin to see that the assessed value is simply a tool used to fairly proportion the tax burden established by the taxing bodies. If spending goes up, taxes go up even when assessed values are declining.


Information Your Tax Bill Contains

Obviously the first item a taxpayer looks for on the property tax bill is the amount of taxes due. I would like to encourage everyone to take a moment and review the entire tax bill. I understand we are all busy and the amount payable and when it is due is the utmost concern, however, it is important to review the other information provided in the tax bill.


Exemptions that you qualified for in that tax year are included and each year one should verify that they are included in their current tax bill.


A list of taxing bodies, their tax rates, the amount they receive from your tax bill and the change in the amount they received from the prior year are also included.


When filing your 2012 income tax return, the pin number or parcel identification number is often times requested. That is also available on your tax bill.


Property Tax Exemptions

Please check your tax bill in May when it is delivered to make sure you have all the exemptions that you qualify for:


General Homestead

is a $6,000 reduction in the assessed value of your property, if that property is your primary residence on or before January 1 of that tax year.

Senior Homestead Exemption

is a $5,000 reduction in the assessed value of your property the tax year you turn 65 years of age on your primary residence.

Senior Assessment Freeze

This exemption freezes the assessment on your property if the total household income is $55,000 or less. This is an exemption that must be renewed each year.

Senior Deferral

is a state loan with a simple interest of 6%. Repayment of this loan is due upon death or sale of house. To qualify, one must be 65 years of age as of June 1st of the tax year, have a household income under $55,000, must have proof of insurance, property taxes must be current, and the property must be your primary residence.

Disabled Persons' Homestead Exemption

is a $2,000 reduction on the assessed value of the primary residence.

Disabled Veteran's Exemption, Returning Veteran's Exemptions and Home Improvement Exemptions are also available.

Please contact the West Deerfield Township Assessor's Office at 847.945.3020 with questions, for an application, and a list of required documentation.


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